Born 30. 11. 1982 in Zagreb, Croatia. Living and working in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Currently at postgraduate doctoral studies (PhD) at Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Graduated 2008 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Department of Art education and Art history, course: Painting (MA). Finishedcourse for Graphic design at Pro-anima school in Zagreb (2006-2007) and School of Applied Arts and Design also in Zagreb (Graphic design, print and drawing department, 1997-2001).
Member of HDLU (Croatian Association of Artists).
She has exhibited widely in solo and group shows. Recent exhibitions include:
 Outdoor walls, AU Viennau, Vienna, Austria
Outdoor walls, Gallery Steiner, Vienna, Austria
Ateljerija – Open studio, Gallery Sebastian, Dubrovnik, Croatia
– multimedia project Between us (Između nas), Art radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik, Croatia (with Martina Tomić and Ivana Đula)
At the beginning for the end (Na početku za kraj), Hrvatska matica iseljenika Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik, Croatia
– The Works (Radovi), Exhibition space : The Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiques, Old city Dubrovnik, Croatia
Almost perfect * Lena Kramarić (Skoro savršena * Lena Kramarić), Art Gallery Luna+Sol, Dubrovnik, Croatia
New structures and other conditions (Nove strukture i druga stanja), Monastery S. Klara (Visia Hall), Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Strategies of survival and other combined techniques (Strategije preživljavanja i druge kombinirane tehnike na platnu), Gallery Luža, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

– Though the looking glass, Art week at Prijeko Palace, Dubrovnik, Croatia
The Irresponsibles (Neodgovome)– Presentation of a work in progress , ZPC _ Zagreb Dance Centre, Croatia (with M. Tomić, I. Pipal and H. Brkušić)
What I have been doing this year (Što sam radila ove godine), Gallery Flora, Dubrovnik (with A. Obradović)
Every good painting has a good name (Svaka dobra slika ima dobar naziv), Studio Shalabajza, Dubrovnik, Croatia

– multimedia project LUXURY (Luksuz)// Academia Moderna, Zagreb & Art radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik (with M. Tomić)
– HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia (ArtJam)
– Yellow gray pink – a look from the inside (Žuto sivo rozo – pogled iznutra), Gallery Sebastian, Dubrovnik, Croatia
– Leupold Gallery – Rothenbach a.d. Pegnitz, Deutschland

– Amstel Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
– AcquestArte, International contemporary art, Ascona, Switzerland
video work Closer, Art radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik, Croatia (with Željka Blakšić)

All that what I have (Sve što imam), Gallery Ulrich, Zagreb, Croatia

SpaceTHREE, Gallery Izidor Kršnjavi, Zagreb, Croatia(with D. Mamlić and A. Malekin)
Place-Space3, Salon Galić, Split, Croatia(with D. Mamlić and A. Malekin)
Place-Space3, Gallery Prica, Samobor, Croatia (with D. Mamlić and A. Malekin)
– Gallery Razvid, Zaprešić, Croatia (with D. Mamlić and A. Malekin)
Place/Space – Time – Experience – Art work, Gallery Cekao, Zagreb, Croatia (with D. Mamlić and A. Malekin)

Best art work (Izložba najboljeg diplomskog rada), Gallery Banfi, Zagreb, Croatia

– Gallery Mala, Novigrad, Croatia
Alice in Wonderland, Prostor, Zagreb, Croatia


Ega Frauen*Kunst Art Award 2017, EGA, Vienna, Austria
InDizajn festival modernog doma, Arena Zagreb, Croatia
4. hrvatski međunarodni triennale autoportreta ‘Pojam o sebi’,Gallery Prica, POUSamobor, Croatia
Dubrovnik moment in the fine arts 3, Museum of modern art, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Poklon s pričom, Museum od arts and crafts, Zagreb, Croatia

Annual exhibition Croatian association of artists/ Gallery Prsten – HDLU – Zagreb, Croatia

Group exhibition Croatian association of artists * HDLU Dubrovnik/ Gallery Otok – Art radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Seven (new generation of young artists of Dubrovnik) / Studio for contemporary art Flight 777, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Annual exhibition Croatian association of artists/ Gallery Prsten – HDLU – Zagreb, Croatia
Design in Croatiaexpo, Luža, Dubrovnik, Croatia

AAF(Affordable Art Fair), Amsterdam, Netherlands
Boiling point, Festival of contemporary painting, Zagreb, Croatia

AAF(Affordable Art Fair), Milano, Italy

– Acquest Arte, International contemporary art, Ascona, Switzerland * Gallery opening: with Alex&Felix (CH), B. van Dorpe (B) i C. Faassen (NL)
performance: How to value work of Art, 45thZagreb salon, HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia

The 11 visions project, Gallery O.K, Rijeka, Croatia
3years 30artists, Prostor, Zagreb, Croatia
Interzone/City, video work Closer, Gallery Galženica, Velika Gorica, Croatia

Dubrovnik moment in the fine arts, Museum of modern art, Dubrovnik, Croatia

2007 – Vox feminae, Gallery SC, Zagreb, Croatia

2006 – Passionic heritage, Gallery Kristofor Stanković, Zagreb, Croatia

2004- performance Last Supper and Satisfaction, Festival ‘C’est is the Best’Zagreb

Artist Statament

Exploring the world around me in relation to my own inner world in an introspective and autoreferential way I am trying to connect motifs of the real and surreal, of the actual, imaginary and subconscious in the narrative scenes, leaving enough space to observers for their individual interpretation. I reflect while I paint.

Preparation for paintings are sketches that emerge inside my head around the clock. When I get hold of my tools I work spontaneously and fast, very often on more works simultaneously. Amongst my works there are those that are obvious and easily comprehensible and yet there are those that are less easily decipherable, there are symbols and elements from the real world that surrounds us, which together make a collage of emotions, states and words. Collage as an art technique is an integral part of my work, as well as drawing, which comes at the beginning and at the end of everything I do. Colour and drawing supercede and complement each other in the working process while the paint roller with white tempera partially annuls them, creating transparency or dimness. Vanishing turning into new creation. A painting is created in layers, using trial, error and success to achieve the desired final effect. Taking off and then adding new layers of colour and drawing, a worn-out surface is obtained which is contrasted by bright details. As in life, in which the most unusual combinations of emotions and sensations coexist simultaneously, my works also contain various mutually opposing elements so it seems that my work is a continual process of transferring impulses obtained from life into my work.

Everyday experiences and information are turned into another state of matter. All that is mixed and something new emerges in the form of a painting, sometimes unclear and ambivalent and often unexplained because I move on, in my work as well as in life, undividedly and a bit too fast. Work and life processes are equalized. Private and individual is put above general and collective. I believe that the best way to get through to the observer and to my own self is through a personal prism, which is essential for my overall development as an individual as well as an artist. Female characters have been present in my work since the very beginning and at first glance they are the main figures. At the second, more penetrating glance, they are just the means in my work – they create the atmosphere, pass on information and stimuli from the outer world onto a canvas. They are the projection of my wishes, fears and temptations. In titles of my works or cycles of paintings I use play on words, ambiguous messages.

Sometimes I use text, spontaneous thoughts, which complement or annul the pictorial form. Wishing to explore the unexplored I am building up my own personal and artistic identity. I am trying to find new ways for my artistic research through work. I make use of breaks in my work which occur between particular cycles of paintings, I reexamine the existing-created work as well as my own potentials, aspirations and abilities. Just as I constantly develop, my works change as well – the works which are inevitably connected by the same head and the same hand and also similar aspirations and artistic striving.

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